Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two Weeks in HELL

My daughter and her friend are leaving tomorrow and it can't be soon enough for me! I am sorry that my daughter is leaving but I will be so thrilled to see the last of her friend. They have been here for two weeks and I can honestly say that I cannot remember being more uncomfortable with another human being in my life. I feel like he has actually contaminated my house with his negative energy. As soon as they leave, I plan on cleansing my home....just so all of his negative crap leaves with him.

Tonight I took my daughter out to a bar since it was her last night here and she spent her 21st birthday in the emergency room with him. He pitched a fit because he wanted to go and I said NO. I wanted to have ONE night with just the two of us....a girl's night out if you will. So of course, he spent the evening texting her. I wanted to rip the phone out of her hand and smash it into little pieces. Every time she got another text, it was more bullshit and drama about how much he wanted to go out. Then he started sending out twitters about how much fun he's had on this trip and having won us over. BLEH!!! There is nothing in this universe that could help him win us over. He is so fake and melodramatic. Angel keeps saying that I just don't see what she sees but I do not see anything about him that is attractive, or funny, or intelligent. He is so needy and desperate for attention. All of these messages all over the place and he waited for her to get home so she could pack for him. Seriously?????

On Thursday night, we went to the Steeler bar to watch the first pre-season game and many of our friends were there. When Cris arrived, she engaged him in conversation and he was perfectly fine. As soon as she stopped talking to him, he looked around to find no one paying attention to him. Then the twitching and aches and pains started. He was all over the place with his inhalers and all his little "Back ache" exercises. I thought I was going to SCREAM. Who goes out in PUBLIC with ZERO social graces? Who acts like a complete MORON at a BAR? As long as he is the center of attention, he is medically fine. But as soon as he looses that attention, he falls prey to a myriad of physical ailments. It is utterly and completely RIDICULOUS!!! I've pointed these things out to my daughter and I will pray DAILY that she will see the light SOONER rather than LATER. I want her to be with someone who can bring joy and happiness to her life. I want her to be with someone who doesn't need to be the center of attention ALL the time. Occassionally SHE can be the center of attention. I want her needs and wants to be just as important as his are. I want her to be in a partnership as opposed to a relationship of servitude. Truthfully, I just want him as far away from her as he can possibly get. I will definitely be praying that he moves somewhere FAR away with his Dad and Angel moves back home.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cleaning = well spent vacation day

So I am on vacation and spent the day working with my daughter and my friend to clean my craft room. It desperately needed organizing and I am happy to say that we got a LOT done...not everything but ALOT!!! I wanted to get it to a point where I can actually WORK in there instead of just using it to store my stuff. (And I have a LOT of stuff!!!) I think it helped to be able to see exactly what I have as far as supplies go (which is a little bit of everything) and what I need (which is actually nothing!) I am feeling pretty good about our accomplishments today and I am hoping that I will have time to work on my room again tomorrow. Then it is on to my office/library which desperately needs soom organization and cleaning....not to mention all of the filing I have to do!!! All in all I feel like this was a vacation day well spent!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mother Knows Best

It is rare that we understand our parent's rules and regulations as we are growing up. As we age, we develop a sense of immunity that only belongs to the young. We feel that nothing can touch us or change the way we look at things. Life is a giant adventure that we are about to tme to suit our own needs and desires. We never stop to listen to the advice of the older, more experienced person who has lived more life than we have. We are sure that whatever they have to say has absolutely NOTHING to do with our lives!!! I say all of this only to say that I am super frustrated with my daughter who just turned 21 yesterday. She is dating someone that I do not like and I do not believe that he makes her happy. Her entire personality changes around him and she becomes someone I don't know and that I don't like. Of course, as soon as I try to talk to her, she is in defense mode and will defend him with her life. Me, I remember having a similar conversation with MY Mother about my daughter's father. He was the end all, be all of my world and I was willing to fight for him to the death. Had my Mom not pushed and prodded so much about him, I probably would have realized that he was not the one for me and ended our relationship. Unfortunately, she kept pushing me until I rebelled and married the man. In retrospect, I know that the person that got hurt the most in that situation was ME. I had to pay for the consequences of my actions....not my Mom. It made everyone involved unhappy and there was a LONG period of time where I didn't really talk to my Mom. She was angry....I was one was talking!!! I love my daughter more than anything but I cannot condone or approve of this relationship. Unfortunately, she has dug in her heels and is determined to continue whether I like it or not. And I am firmly in the NOT category!!! I know that I am pushing her away by standing my ground but I refuse to LOWER my standards for her....or rather for him. I refuse to be happy about my daughter being with someone who is so self-centered and egotistical. I refuse to accept someone into my life who is a prissy know-it-all who has seen, heard and done EVERYTHING in the world. Everything about their relationship makes me sick to my stomach and I hate seeing her shackle herself to someone who offers her nothing in return and could care less about her well-being. Even knowing that embracing him would allow me to have a close relationship with my daughter, I refuse to betray my beliefs.