Monday, November 28, 2011

Introducing..... A Scrap Meddler

My Fabulously talented friend Cris has created her own blog! She is SUPER creative...we call her a CRAFTY BEEYOTCH! Stay tuned to her blog for some GREAT ideas! She is a real ROCK STAR!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chaos Reigns!

So I am sad that Halloween has passed me by this year with very little notice! I did not put up one single Halloween decoration in my home. Shocking but true.

This summer has been filled with one catastrophe after another and I am just reeling from all of the madness. In May we had to replace our hot water heater. In June/July we had to have MAJOR electrical work done and that was soooo not in the budget. Then in September we had a flood caused by heavy rain and an incompetent contractor. The same day as the flood, we also had a leaking skylight due to roof damage. So we are in the process of getting our roof replaced, fighting with the contractor's insurance company to pay for the damage to our home from the flood and basically trying to figure out which way is hope. You dream of buying your first home but no ones sits you down to tell you the reality of home ownership. Expense after expense after expense. Add in to all of this madness a half finished painting job in the main part of the house, a kitchen floor that desperately needs to be replaced and off-white carpet that the dogs have ruined and you can begin to see why I feel so overwhelmed.

I realize that I have so much to be grateful for and I do appreciate what I have. I just sometimes feel like we have had enough bad luck for any one family. Word of advice... NEVER buy a house from relatives. No good can come from the event and it will definitely leave you bitter and angry in the end.