Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What Are We Saving Time For?

So Sunday was the beginning of Daylight Savings Time and as usual, I am exhausted two days in.  No matter what the clock says, my body KNOWS what time it really is!   I usually hit the bed at 10pm and am asleep by 10:30 (if not earlier!)  Last night when 10pm rolled around, I was working around the house and ended up watching Lost Girl with my daughter.  I finally headed to bed at 11pm (with my body knowing full well that it was only 10pm!)  Unfortunately, when the alarm went of at 5:30am, my body ALSO knew that is was only 4:30am and I had another hour to sleep.  I am not really sure that I understand why we do this anymore.  It takes so long to adjust to the time change and everyone is cranky (or maybe just me!)  My vote is to end DST and move on.  Just leave the clock where it is and let me keep that extra hour of sleep. 

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