Monday, July 28, 2014

Grateful for what I have.....

Last Thursday, DH and I left to go to work (we carpool) and our truck wouldn't start. So, with much irritation and attitude, we started up the Bronco and drove that to work. I was in the passenger's seat, grouching to myself when I realized that I was being ridiculous and so very ungrateful. Not everyone has a "spare" vehicle they can just hop into if their main vehicle breaks down. Most people would be calling a friend or family for a ride to work and here I was complaining because I don't particularly like driving the Bronco. What would be a MAJOR issue for most was only an irritation for me because we do have this spare vehicle. So I changed my attitude and headed off to work. Later in the day, I realized that I had saved myself from having a grouchy day by just changing my attitude and looking at the situation in the most positive light possible. Yes, the truck was still broken and it would probably cost a pretty penny to get it fixed but we had an alternate means of transportation and my life just wasn't that bad. So here's to positive thinking and not letting the negativity drown you.

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