Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm too young to be this Damned OLD!!!!

SO, last night I was organizing some photos so I could go scrapbook tonight with some friends and I happened across a photo that was taken on my honeymoon. Now normally, I would flip past that photo and keep going but something made me pull it out and REALLY look at it. I was shocked and appalled to find that in 6 years, I have aged....a lot!!! Okay, truthfully, it is probably that I stopped coloring my hair and I no longer have acrylic nails but I swear I could see the physical changes and they made me incredibly sad. I have always been proud of my gray hair (especially since I earned every one of them!) but now they just make me feel OLD! Yeah, I know....Vanity thy name is WOMAN!!! But seriously, I actually brought the picture to work with me to show my friend! I have never really stressed about my age or worried about gray hair or wrinkles but now I am suddenly consumed with the concept of aging. So I made an appointment to get my hair cut and colored this weekend and an appointment to get my nails done. Hopefully that will help me feel better about aging while I wasn't looking!

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